Hospital Ministry
The excellent service rendered by the doctors and nurses in the Christian hospitals has won the hearts of millions of people. Some of these hospitals are world renowned as a result of their excellent medical care, kind service, and their ability to handle medically challenging cases. Among the mission hospitals the most renowned is the ‘Christian Medical College and Hospital’ (CMC) at Vellore, founded by Ida Scudder. Scriptures available with BSI hospital ministry was first initiated in 2006. The ministry was rendered initially through CMC Vellore and a few major hospitals.
A range of Scriptures were developed to meet the felt needs of patients in hospitals. The Scriptures were developed based on the feedback received from committed doctors, chaplaincy and those involved in hospital ministry. Now it has spread to many other hospitals in different parts of India.
The specially developed Scriptures, ‘True Friend’, ‘Daddy, Where are you?’, Fear Not’, ‘Assurance of God’s Help’, ‘Meditation in Sick Bed’, ‘Answer to your problems’, ‘Life Forever’, etc., have been appreciated and have been translated into many languages. The patients are often accompanied by relatives and friends. Many well-wishers also frequently drop in to visit them. While in the hospital, they pick up the scriptures from dispensers kept in the hospitals.
Scriptures are published progressively to meet the different levels of needs:

Initial contact Scriptures address the ‘felt needs of the reader. The Scriptures contain relevant ‘Good News’ passages in the Bible that specifically address their ‘felt needs’. The aim is to create an awareness and desire to know more.
Second level is the follow-up materials giving more details on the ‘Good News’ covered in the contact Scriptures. Finally, the Study Editions impart the seeker the spiritual truths they want to know.
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