Jabalpur Auxiliary

The Bible Society of India at Jabalpur initially started as a Development Office, in 1985, and considering the need of the Christians on 1st November 1986, the Madhya Pradesh Auxiliary was established, functioning from the famous “Pilikothi”, of the Methodist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. J. H. Anand, the first Auxiliary Secretary and Bishop S. K. Parmar as the Auxiliary President.

Under the leadership of Rev. Umakant Singh, Auxiliary Secretary (1990-2004) the Auxiliary played an effective role in the Translation of “Creation Story” into Bison-Horn Madiya, Halbi, Gondi and Dhurwa, a popular tribal language of Western part of Bastar and adjoining regions of Orissa. St. Luke’s Gospel was translated in Bhili language. Thereafter the Auxiliary continued to grow despite many struggles. “The Life of Christ” Cassettes and CDs were produced in Pandvani and the Auxiliary moved in its own Bible Bhawan in 2007.

Since 2012, the Auxiliary under the stewardship of Rev. Joel Patrick, has formed many new schemes and projects thus creating awareness among the people and attracting many to come forward in assisting the ministry of BSI. The branches which had died out were revived and now the Auxiliary has 35 Branches. Further, it aims to increase it to 50 branches. To involve all sections of society in the BSI ministry, various wings are formed at the Auxiliary level – Women Wing, Teachers Wing, Medical Wing and Youth Wing.

Projects And Programs :
Though Hindi is the main language spoken in this area, the tribals who constitute 37% of the population speak 80 different languages and dialects like Gondi, Halbi, Bhili, Chhattisgarhi, Korku and Nimari. The Gondi N.T. Baison Madiya was released on 10th February 2010 at Bacheli, Dist. Dantewada C.G. The Auxiliary has taken the initiative in the translation of Gondi Bible under the Gondi Project in collaboration with ELC in Chhindwara.

In order to reach out to the people who cannot read, audio Scriptures are being produced. The Auxiliary produced the CD “Mera Rab Mera Charwaha” in 2009 and another CD “Bharpoor Jeewan” in 2011. Through various media products the Auxiliary is trying to reach illiterate and physically challenged people.

The Auxiliary’s future vision is “Bible in every home, every hand, every heart”, for which every effort is made through different projects. Under these projects, the Auxiliary has great concern to reach out to the downtrodden; the elderly; the Prisoners; HIV & people suffering with different health problems. The Auxiliary aims to fulfil its future vision of “Bible in every home, every hand, every heart” through the fruitful implementation of these projects.
Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary,
Bible Society of India
Jabalpur Auxiliary
Beside “JESU” Mission Press Compound,
Napier Town, JABALPUR-482 001
Madhya Pradesh
Ph: 0761-2622255,2620165
E-mail : bsimdp@biblesociety.in

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