North West India Auxiliary

A Bible depot was opened in the year 1953 at Delhi and the Bible Society activities started. The North West India Auxiliary with its base in Delhi caters to the Scripture needs of North West region of our country. This auxiliary handles Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Kashmiri Scriptures.
Projects And Programs :
This Auxiliary is known for the strength of the women's work support. This auxiliary was instrumental in the publication of Hindi Common Language Bible, Hindi OV Re-edited Bible, Hindi Study Bible, Punjabi Common Language Bible, Urdu Devanagari Bible, English-Hindi Diglot Bible, Aasmani Kitaben in Urdu Devanagari, Roman Hindi (CL) New Testament, Hindi Children’s Bibles, A Lion Children’s Bible in Hindi, Wonderful Stories from the Bible for Children in Hindi, Discover the Good News in Hindi, Ronnie's Bible – Hindi, Published for People Living with HIV and AIDS, Prophet Series in Hindi and Urdu Devnagri, Eternal Words of Life (TAZI) in Hindi and Urdu Devnagri—Study Edition Gospel of Luke and Acts; Satyamarg – Study Edition of Gospel of John in Hindi, Divya Marg – Selected 14 Books for EASA audience, Anmol Moti – Hindi Proverbs & Sermon on the Mount and many Hindi Portions and Selections. Under the guidance of this auxiliary the work of the Kashmiri Bible was completed and now available for the distribution. Along with this the Hindi Common Language Bible, Hindi OV Re-edited Bible and the Punjabi OV Bible DBL projects are also in progress. The work of developing the Hindi concordance is also in progress for the Hindi OV Re-edited Bible. .

Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India 
North West India Auxiliary
10 Sansad Marg
New Delhi 110 001
Ph : 011 23362054
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