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The Bible Society work formally began in Shillong with the opening of a branch of the Calcutta Auxiliary in the year 1952. It became Assam Auxiliary in 1956 with its area of operations extending to the whole of North Eastern parts of India. In order to facilitate easier movement of Scriptures to the remote parts of the difficult terrain covered by the Auxiliary, a Scriptures Distribution Centre was opened in Guwahati in 1973 in a land gifted by CBCNEI. After the formal inauguration of the Aizawl Auxiliary in 1983 and Dimapur Auxiliary in 1986, Shillong Auxiliary now caters to the Scripture needs of the state of Assam and Meghalaya. The Shillong Auxiliary celebrated the Golden Jubilee during 10th – 12th November 2006. The Pohkseh Presbyterian Church hosted the celebration. The Aizawl & Dimapur Auxiliaries sent their representatives to this celebration and joined together in the celebration with the Auxiliary Secretaries.
Projects And Programs :
Well supported by the goodwill of the churches and the voluntary services of the branches of the Bible Society of India, the Auxiliary is able to effectively witness to God’s word in this area. The women’s wing of the Auxiliary is active in bringing Scripture awareness and providing fund raising support. The youth wing witnessed Christ through street preaching and dramas. The BSI standing choir gives messages through singing in different Church services, concerts, All India Radio, North Eastern Service – AIR, TV Channels. The Auxiliary also has special programmes for the School drop-out students, De-Addiction Centres, Jails, Hospitals, Leprosy Centre, Orphanages, Differently Disabled Centres, Needy Widows etc.

Growth of the Auxiliary : Since the beginning of the auxiliary in 1956 till 2007(51 years) there were only 15 branches. But in 2008, there was a great change in the Auxiliary under the new leadership of Rev. P. Dkhar (who joined in April 01,2005). There were no branches in the city of shillong. Through God’s grace, between July to September 2008, seven branches in Shillong and three branches in Garo Hills were formed and from 2008 till now 2 or 3 branches are formed every year approximately. Contribution increased every year amazingly and people understood the work and responsibility of the Bible Society and gave with thanksgiving. The BSI Standing Choir was formed in February 28, 2008 and spread the Word of God through Choirs in the Auxiliary and outside too. It is a great blessing to the churches through the message through songs and choirs.

Churches Participation :  The churches’ participation in fulfilling God’s work to publish the word of God (Bible) into different dialects and languages in the area is commendable and appreciated. The Bible is produced in different formats also. All the main land churches work together, e.g. The Presbyterian, The Baptist, The Church of God- Meghalaya & Assam, The Church of God- Ecclesia, The Church of North India, Salvation Army, Independent church of India, Seven Day Adventist etc. All the churches participated actively in the branches where they belong.

 For developing and fencing of the compound in Shillong, the Government has extended its help financially.

 Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact
The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India
Students’ Field,
Shilong - 793002
Ph : 0364 - 2544051
E-mail :

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