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The Tamil Nadu Auxiliary (Madras Auxiliary Bible Society) came into being on 20th May 1820. This is a culmination of several Bible groups already in operation in and around Chennai (Madras). Starting from the times of Ziegenbalg till the modern era, The Tamil Nadu (Madras) Auxiliary has always led the way in being at the forefront of facilitating Bible translation work. The first New Testament published in South Asia was Tamil language in the year 1714 and Tamil Bible was published in 1728. On 31st March 1711 Ziegenbalg completed translating the New Testament. Tamil Nadu Auxiliary looks after the Scripture needs of Tamil Nadu State and the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

Projects And Programs :
The Auxiliary has 200 branches functioning voluntarily all over Tamilnadu and Pondicherry to support BSI work in distribution, creating awareness about the Bible work, organizing Bible Engagement programs and mobilizing resources. There are Lakhs of People who are unable to hear and speak for them we are producing video cassette in sign language. The Christians in Tamilnadu have always come forward in generosity in supporting the Bible cause, irrespective of their denominations helping in Fundraising and Distribution. Many of the individuals are supporting for printing and supplying of Braille scriptures.

Many varieties of Tamil Bibles are published:

In the Old version (Bower version), the following varieties of Bibles are published: Crown Size, Semi Compact size (smaller size Bibles) Demy size, Royal size (Larger size Bible as many elders opt for it), Pulpit size (Bible could be placed on the pulpit) and Bible printed with multi-colour pictures for Children.

Booklets containing Bible Portions for different sections of people, children, youth, adults, families, depressed ones and relatives of patients.

Since the Tamil Nadu Auxiliary (Madras Auxiliary Bible Society) came into being on 20th May 1820 and completing the Bicentenary year on 20th May 2020. We will start the bicentenary celebrations from 20th May 2020.

For a long time we are getting Tamil Bibles (varieties) printed and imported from Korean Bible Society, Seoul, which continues. Now with the help of our Marketing and Production Directors, we are printing 3 varieties of the following Tamil classic Bibles containing the features with more than 130 pages of reference and section of Bible Promise Verses and another section of Multi-colour Maps of Bible places and birds, animals, plants, music instruments and vessels of the Bible times printed in Amity Press, China:

1. Classic plus Open (Gilt) Demy Size
2. Classic plastic Zip (Gilt) Demy Size
3. Classic plastic Bonded Leather Zip Demy Size.

Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media and for supporting the ministry of the BSI in Tamilnadu, please contact:

Bible Society of India 
Tamil Nadu Auxiliary 
Post Box No. 502, 1/65, Evening Bazaar Road
Tamil Nadu
Ph: 044 25353631 / 25341220
Email : bsitam@biblesociety.in

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