Telangana Auxiliary

The Telangana Auxiliary formation goes in line with the bifurcation of the united Andhra Pradesh into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The UPA (Union) Government in its cabinet meeting held on 7th February 2014 had cleared the bill for the creation of Telangana State and June 2nd 2014 was declared as Telangana state formation day. Subsequently the BSI working committee had engaged in a study on feasibility to create Telangana Auxiliary, bifurcating the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary.

The Executive Committee at its meeting held on 1st September 2014 and later on 9th September 2015 had considered the recommendations of the study, modalities involved in bifurcation and placed the same proposals before the Central council.

At the Central council meeting held on 28th & 29th January 2016, it was unanimously approved to bifurcate the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary and to create Telangana Auxiliary. It was further resolved to inaugurate the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary on 1st February 2016, Guntur as its head quarters and to inaugurate Telangana Auxiliary on 3rd February 2016, Secunderabad as its head quarters.

Accordingly on 3rd February 2016 Telangana Auxiliary was formed at a special service held at St. John the Baptist Church, Church of South India, Secunderabad. The newly formed Executive committee of Telangana Auxiliary was introduced in the same service. Following the events, after calling fourth for the applications for the post of Telangana Auxiliary Secretary and interview, Rev. Dr. P. K. Praveen Prabhu Sudheer was appointed as the first Secretary for BSI Telangana Auxiliary. The installation service of BSI Telangana Auxiliary Secretary took place at CSI Wesley Church, Clock Tower on 5th June 2016. By the time of writing this history Telangana Auxiliary has 31 branches working in ten revenue districts.

The total population of Telangana is around 4 crores.

Projects and Programmes:

1. The newly formed BSI Telangana Auxiliary aims to place a Holy Bible in every home of about 4 crore population.
2. It intends revitalisation of existing branches.
3. It strives towards creation of new branches in Telangana.
4. Old Testament translation into ‘Lambada’ (Lambadi) language is in progress.
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If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India

Telangana Auxiliary
Plot No: 79 & 80
# 6-2-228
Opp. St.Philomena High School
New Bhoiguda
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Ph : 040 27534017

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