Aimol New Testament

AIMOL NEW TESTAMENT (Completed recently but not yet released)
The Aimol speaking people inhabits Chandel District, Senapati District, and Churachandpur District in Manipur state and a good number in Assam state. Linguistically they belong to the Kuki Chin Naga, Kuki Chin, Northern. Along with some Old Kuki Chin people groups they identified themselves with the Nagas because of socio-economic and geo-political benefits. Their population according to 2001 census is 2640. They are highly proficient in Meitei language (Bengali script). Literacy rate is about 70%.

For quite a long time they were associated with Komrem people group. In fact the Komrem people consider Aimol as one of their sub-group. However, for unknown reason the Aimol wish to be considered as a separate people different from the Komrems

Christianity came to the Aimol people in 1982 through the evangelist named Kilong from the Kom community. Majority belong to Baptist Church. The growth of Christianity amongst the Aimols was very high. Till date there were only 5 families who are still non-Christian and hold on to their traditional religion. As Christians they were under the umbrella of Komrem Baptist Churches Association. It was only recently that they have their own association.

Though the Aimol were efficient in Meitei language and read Bengali Script, however for developing their own literature they prefer Roman script. They have a hymn book used in worship service and a few biblical tracts published by other organisations. So far there has not been any literature published by BSI in their language.
For many years they had been using Manipuri Bible in their churches. It was only in 2001 that they expressed the need to have the New Testament in their language. The BSI launched the New Testament translation in June 2001. The project has been going on for many years due to the problem in orthography and syntax. Drafting has been completed but checking of a few book are still on the process.
The New Testament in Aimol is going to be the major literature in this language.

It is hoped that as the people read and hear the Scripture truth, there will be transformation in the life of both individuals and community as well.

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