The Bible Society of India, Bombay Auxiliary came into existence on 13th June 1813 at the Cathedral Church of St. Thomas, Horniman Circle, Mumbai. Sir Evan Napean, the then Governor of Bombay played a vital role in the formation of the Resolution of 12 clauses. Clause No. 5 reads, “Each person contributing his/her aid to the society by an annual donation shall be considered a member of the society. The Auxiliary caters to the Bible needs of the states of Maharashtra and Goa.
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English/Marathi Diglot (Parallel) and Marathi R.V. Reference & Red Letter edition bibles typesetting and proof reading are under progress.
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For your scripture needs you may contact our Marketing personnel
For membership or any support to the Bible Society and any further details, please contact the Auxiliary Secretary

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India
Malhotra House, Ground Floor,
Opp. G.P.O., Fort, Mumbai – 400 001
Maharashtra, India
Ph : 022 22611707
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