Gujarat Auxiliary

The Gujarat Auxiliary of the Bible Society of India came into being in December 1969, located in Ahmedabad. The newly built Bible House was dedicated in February 1980. Apart from this, the Auxiliary also maintains centers at Baroda and Vyara to cater to the Scripture needs of this vast area and the growing Church. The Show room at Bible House serves the Scripture needs of Christian community & non-Christian visitors.
Projects And Programs :
Harnessing the potential of women in the ministry of Bible Society, the Women’s Work Council was formed in July 1977, now known as Mary Jones Women’s Fellowship.

Recognizing the need of the illiterates and non-readers, a series of audio cassettes were produced during 1997 – 2011 in Gujarati, Gamit, Vasavi (C) & (D), Garasia, Vagadi, Bhilodi, Bhili (Gujarati), Dungra Bhili, Varali, Kukna & Kutchi languages. Our partners for AVM Ministry were FMPB, SHALOM, IEM and CNI Churches. These Audio Scriptures have proved powerful tools for evangelism among non-readers and illiterates. The Kacchi Audio NT was produced in 2015 in joint venture between BSI & KDP.

After the year 2000, effort has been taken to provide Bible to different audiences in formats they would appreciate. Thus Children’s Bible (2001), Study Bible (2002), Senior Citizens’ Bible (2004), Common Language Bible (2004), Women’s Bible (2007), and Bible in various bindings (2009), and many more varieties were introduced. The much awaited Gujarati Thumb Index Bible came in 2013. The Bible with Hymnal has become a blessing to the church.

We are blessed with 59 branches all over Gujarat. We are handmaiden of Church and churches invite us to observe Bible Sundays throughout the year.

Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India 
Near Gujarat College
Ellis Bridge
Ahmedabad 380 006
Ph: 079 26446807
E-mail :

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