Hindi Bible Translations

Language classification Hindi language is numerically predominant in India, spoken all over the country mainly in the States/Union territories of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.  It falls under the central group of Indo-Aryan family of languages.  Devanagari script is used for writing this language. 
Total population:  337,272,114
Literacy 76%

Beginning of Bible translation: It is impossible to give an account of the history of Bible translation in Hindi and Urdu separately without first trying to establish the relationship between these two languages. This task has been made difficult because of different meanings attached to the names 'Hindi', 'Urdu' and 'Hindustani'. Hindustani, as we have seen, is the term still used by many in India to describe their speech, though the term Urdu is becoming more general. The scene which met the eyes of the Serampore brotherhood when they laid their plans for Bible was far different.  William Carey regarded all forms of speech current in North India as dialects of one language. The first Bible translation into Hindi was that of the four Gospels, made by Henry Thomas Colebrooke in 1806.  Serampore missionaries' version of the New Testament was published in 1811, much of the Old Testament coming out in parts during the following years. Yet another version of the New Testament appeared in 1848, prepared by the Baptist missionary, William Yates; a revision of the same was published in 1868.  The Old Testament was issued in two parts in 1852 and 1855 under the editorship of Joseph Owen, of the American Presbyterian Mission.  Mr. Owen again revised the Old Testament after the Indian Mutiny and it was issued in two parts in 1866 and 1869. The complete Bible in one volume was issued for the first time 1892. 

Present state and/or future of Bible translation in the language: Different other translations of the Hindi Bible were issued:  Revised Version, Inter-confessional translation, Common Language in 2000 and the Re-edited version in 2002.  The re-edited version is widely circulated now.

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