Marathi Bible

Language classification:
Marathi language is spoken in Maharashtra state. It is an Indo-Aryan language. Devanagari script with specific distinctions is used in writing Marathi. Hinduism is the main religion. Christians are a minority.

Total population:  62,481,681 
Literacy: 76.88%

Beginning of Bible translation: Marathi was one of the three languages of which Carey was appointed professor in the College of Fort William at Calcutta, and in 1807 the Serampore Press issued 1,000 copies of the Marathi New Testament, followed in 1819 by the Old Testament. Carey wrote, “...I have never yet suffered a single word or a single mode of construction pass, without examining it, and seeing through it. Brother Marshman and I compare with the Greek or Hebrew, and Brother Ward reads every sheet.” In any case, Carey's work in Marathi translation must be written down as one of his failures. Hall and Newell remained to reap the fruits of their pertinacity. They gave themselves to a more thorough study of Hebrew and Greek, and made their own translation direct from the original into Marathi. They were joined by Horatio Bardwell, a missionary to Ceylon. Hall died in 1826. Allen Graves and his wife had arrived in 1818. The complete New Testament was issued in 1826 and the Bible was completed by 1847, four years after the death of Graves. The complete revision of the New Testament appeared in 1848, and the whole Bible was issued for the first time in one volume in 1855.

Present state and/or future of Bible translation in the language: The original translation of the Bible had been regarded as containing numerous textual errors. The text was thus revised and had since been in use as 'Marathi Bible RV'. An inter-confessional edition of the Marathi Bible in Common Language was issued in 1986 which is now being revised. The Marathi Bible RV is undergoing re-editing.

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