Odia Bible Translations

Language classification:
Odia language is spoken in Odisha state. It is an Indo-Aryan language. In writing Odia, Odia script (originated from Brahmi with specific distinctions) is used. Hinduism is the main religion. Christians are a minority.

Total population:  28,061,313 
Literacy: 63.08%

Beginning of Bible translation: When the British arrived, the Odia-speaking country came into their hands in different ways and at different times. Carey and his helpers began translation work in 1804. The New Testament was translated by a pandit from the Bengali, the version then being compared with the Greek by the missionaries; this was published in 1809, and by 1815 the publication of the books of the Old Testament was completed. Mission work was started by the Baptists and the translation was found to be intelligible. During subsequent years Amos Sutton of the Baptist Mission, Cuttack, revised parts of it which were published in a volume of selections by Serampore in 1839. In 1840 the Calcutta Bible Society published a revised New Testament financed by the American and Foreign Bible Society, and in 1844 the Old Testament in Sutton's revised version was issued. The next revision of the New Testament was done by Rev. J. Buckley and published in 1862. Rev. Buckley, assisted by Rev. Jagoo Roul went on with his revision work on the Old Testament with financial help from the British and Foreign Bible Society. The Old Testament was issued in 1872 as one volume. The first edition of the Union New Testament and the slightly revised Old Testament was published in 1957.

Present state and/or future of Bible translation in the language: The Odia Bible in Common Language translation was published in 1995. A re-edited version with references had been issued in 1997, and this version has been used for every reprint.

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