Odisha Auxiliary


The Odisha Auxiliary was formed in November, 1983 at Cuttack exclusively for the state of Odisha in the eastern India. Before that it existed as a Branch of the Kolkata Auxiliary since 1943. The vibrancy of the Church’s presence and the witness to God’s Word provided two people from Odisha to the top leadership of BSI as General Secretaries. They are Mr. Premananda Mohanty and Dr. B. K. Pramanik.

Odisha saw the martyrdom of Dr. Graham Staines, alongwith his two kids in early 1999. He was a translator of the Ho (Odia) N.T and a strong witness of Christian presence in love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Again in 2007-08 Odisha had the worst communal flare up in Kandhamal resulting in huge loss of life and property of the Christians and Churches there. These two incidents remain as dark blots in the Indian Church history.

Projects And Programs :
The Odia Bible celebrated its Bicentenary in 2011 whose translation work was initiated by Mr. William Carey. The present available Odia Bible is the result of hard work of atleast 8 revisions. So far there are 15 varieties of Odia Bibles available. Besides Odia, which is the State language; the Bible has been translated in four tribal languages i.e. Sora, Kui, Santali & Mundari. New Testament is also available in six tribal languages i.e. Ho, Kuvi, Desia, Mirgana, Bodoporja and Sambalpuri,

Rising to the demand for provision of Scriptures for the Churches and unlettered, the Auxiliary facilitated the production of Audio scriptures in Odia, Sora and Juango languages.

Contact :
If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India
Peyton Sahi
Cuttack – 753 001
Ph: 0671-241969

E-mail : bsiori@biblesociety.in

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