Public Relations

Events for Building up relationships


Public Relations Department had its church Leaders Conference at Delhi, Jabalpur, Ranchi and Allahabad in 2012. GS and PR Director ministered and encouraged the pastors and Church Heads of the different region to collaborate with BSI Auxiliaries, so that Bible Ministry may realize its fullest potential for the generations of the 21th Century. PR Director also ministered in different Churches on Sundays in Various cities of the country like Delhi, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Allahabad and Gwalior.

The initiative, together with N.C.C.I to evolve BSI workplace policies took wing with workshop’s held at Bangalore and Mumbai. It is hoped the year 2013 will help BSI to evolve a definitive WPP especially dealing with the stigmatized and the marginalized among whom and with whom we work.

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