Radio Programs
Sharing the Word of God with illiterate and semi-literate people through Radio

300,000 listeners during 2 years

The communications revolution of the modern times has changed the face of our country. Electronic media captured vast masses in India bringing phenomenal growth in the last decade, leading to a huge impact on socio- cultural values. The impact of electronic media, especially radio has to be seen in the background of our tradition and value based social structure. BSI Telugu program (Nitya Vaakyam) which was broadcast from 2009 on Radio MW 340 in the mornings 06:30 – 06:45 a.m through TWR from Monday to Friday attracted 3,00,000 listeners across Telugu audience and many life changing testimonies were received. We broadcast similar programs in Tamil and we continued with it till the end of March 2012; we now move on to North India to cater to the Hindi and Urdu listening communities.
To broadcast the message of the Bible by a creative presentation of the Scripture through Radio programs in different languages in India.
Design of the Radio Programs Scripture Text – 60 %
Conversation – 30 %
Songs – 10 %
Languages Telugu – 6 days a week
Tamil - 5 days a week
Hinglish – 4 days a week
Various Professional Voice over experts in Radio medium providing their talents and experience to make the best effective programs. Latest editing
Latest editing software and allied equipment are being used for recording and compilation of BSI Radio programs in Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and BSI AVM Studio at William Carey Building, Bangalore.

The broadcasting of Radio Bible in Telugu and Tamil brought tremendous response from the listeners. In the last 3 years we received more than 7000 response letters; 4300 respondents joined the correspondence course, 2104 respondents completed the course.

I am a regular listener
of BSI Radio Programs
I have got lots of Peace
in my life by listening to
BSI Radio Programs
My life got changed by
hearing the Word of
God through BSI Radio
The mission of the BSI AVM is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.
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