TV Programs
Sharing the message of Love, Joy & Peace aimed at the spiritual , social and economic progress and development of the communities of India

25,000 families reached out through this TV Program.

Ashara Aloka (Rays of Hope), a 30 minute Community Development TV program based on message of love, Peace, Harmony, Forgiveness, Unity Comfort, Consolation and Salvation to help people of Odisha to develop a relationship of co-operation and concern between communities. In the district where the rate of literacy is below 50%, Television media plays a vital role in effectively communicating the message of the Scripture offering hope, forgiveness and renewal of relationship.
Hatred and despair give way to the path owning the lifetransforming power of God’s presence. To share the message of Peace and salvation to the people of costal belt of Karnataka BSI produces a 30 minute TV program called “Atma Shanti” ( Spiritual Peace ) in Kannada through a local channel called Namma TV.

BSI audio visual media ministry is a ministry whose mission is to make the lifechanging wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.
To build a healthy community based on
principles of Love, Harmony, Unity and Forgiveness
Design of the
TV Programs
Scripture Text – 30 %
Conversation – 60 %
Songs – 10 %
Languages Odiya – 2 days a week Kannada - 2 days a week
Title Odiya – Asha ra Aloka
Kannada – Atma Shanti

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